What is the relation between Frank Pearl and the money laundering scandal PDVSA related to Gustavo Hernandez Frieri?


An invitation to Santos’ ex-commissioner for the peace treaty, Frank Pearl Gonzalez to tell the truth to the World …  Tell us about your connection with this person that has been already convicted to years in prison in the United States of America?

By Maria Constanza Castellanos Pavia.

Journalist represent La Otra Cara in USA.

Translation by Cristina Carver-Palmer.


don’t know how most Colombians can still remain quiet while the country falls apart. I can’t; I won’t do it. I will not remain silent. I am frightened to see how the great majority of the Colombian people have accepted this involvement. This Maduro Régimen is a regimen without values, without ethics, without constructive horizons; on the contrary—destructive ones. Especially on the part on the people who either assumed the direction of our country or managed the assets of our people. People of Colombia, not of Venezuela, who are in the midst of a scandal like this one of PVDSA. This scandal which, worldwide, is considered the biggest money laundering scandal in the history of the planet; through the National Venezuelan Petroleum company.

I have sat in my living room watching real-time videos posted on the Colombian Mass Medias and got upset about the not profesional behavior of our journalist.  I have watched the news and have been a witness of this breakthrough as something which is not even questioned. I then got a terrible feeling of disgust. I sense a feeling of pain for my country of origin. I feel all of these at once, in the certainty of knowing who Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri is: an intimate friend of the Pearl bunch, an intellectual, a poet, a man who worked in New York in important positions related to investments, a man born in Cartagena, Colombia, prosecuted by the American criminal justice system and declared guilty in “United States v Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri Court,” docket No. 18- 20885-KMN, filed July 28, 2018, in the District of Florida. Violation: Money laundering of dollars and investments using falsified funds; article 18 Code Unites States 1956 & 1952.

Evidence of Conviction in the United States, for money laundering, against the Colombian Gustavo Hernandez Frieri. SEE THE ENTIRE PROCESS IN THE COURT OF FLORIDA AGAINST COLOMBIAN HERE.

I am unable to understand how the mass media proliferates information regarding the activities and opinions of Maduro’s regimen. Worldwide, the general view on this issue is one of informality and destabilization. We all have seen the Venezuelan people die of hunger and get submitted to the worst financial pandemic in history. The country which once was once of glory and profligacy has come to be one of exiguity and oppression.

Mr. Frank Pearl Gonzalez, answer:

Today I will openly question the Santista ex-commissioner to the peace treaty, Mr. Frank Pearl. What happened? I am not asking him as my ex-brother-in-law. That relationship has been reduced to a war without a prison camp. Judgements and injustices committed against us, to me and my children. We have had to take the total eviction of our complete patrimony and of our previous life. What happened? What are the real interests behind the confrontations? Clearly, those confrontations were not only personal, but mostly financially driven. Why is it that the name of my ex-husband appears in many international bank accounts related with Global Securities? Was this company not a property of Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri?

Today, I want to formulate another question, so I can understand why this imposing control of yours and inadequate management happened. That life you took over belonged to your brother and not to you.  John William Pearl Gonzalez  had three cerebral strokes on October 12 of 2008. An article in Jet Set-Semana reported incorrectly, on October 24 of 2018, “William Pearl, His Process of Recovery”. In this article, there is no formal investigation, nor a clear report on his condition. Why did the reporters not speak with the doctors in charge of his care, the physicians who conducted neurological and cognitive studies on William? These were renown medical doctors with plenty of international recognition who would have proven a very different reality. Why not consult those physicians who treated William over an expanded period of time? Rather that the interpretation of this article—full of lies and inexactitudes.

Jet Set-Week magazine article in which he says that William Pearl recovered, but does not say that he has a disability to work.

This article does not talk about the psychological and social war my children and I were put through. When I read that article, I thought, “Hmm; what is the reason this façade is being mounted? Why do they need to lie and disinform? Why are they dressing up the truth?”

What are you trying to hide?

Today, when I ask about our rights, I cannot talk with my ex-husband William, your brother. I have to talk to you. Why? It was with you that I made the dissolution of my conjugal society on the second semester of the year 2018. So, you will sign the necessary papers for my children (your nieces & nephew) to be able to go out the country of Colombia. That is where I was. You signed those the permits allowing my children to leave the country, only if I stopped all juridical processes of any possible audits regarding bank accounts related to UVPA companies (Luis Guillermo Velez, William Pearl and Martha Abdallah).

You not only intimidated me with high and subtle discretion, an obvious characteristic of a chameleon. You also started a psychological war against me, one of ill repute as well. Do you still have ammunition to use against me?  Why are you such a coward? Why did you start this war against me, liquidating every single one of my assets?  Do you remember when you told me, “We will take you for everything you got. However; we will buy your stocks in the Facatativa land. That land that is part of my grandfather’s succession; Manuel Castellanos Perea. So, because I did not sign these documents giving you my birth right to this land, I have lived through the pandemic in the United States with ten dollars in my pocket.

Still, do you think I am going to sign any document you put in front of me? So that you can leave me without food or shelter? If so, I will not even have enough money to buy groceries for my children.  I will be evacuated from the child support that was your responsibility to provide to me all this time.  Are you not the person in charge of managing your brother’s assets—William’s, the father of my children? You will not buy my silence. It is not for sale. I will not forget I placed all my trust in you to manage our family assets.

You, you; who on October 13 of 2008, when we were at the Country Clinic in Bogota Colombia, in the ICU unit, made a promise to me, to take responsibility over our family’s state, so long as I stay out of it.  Now you are fighting against me, you are slandering my name through the mud, you have appropriated all of my family’s assets.

I wish we could have closed things on a good note. I hoped we could have come to terms in a harmonious way, keeping the family peace. But you closed the doors. You closed the doors; with your many aggressions against me, I will be exact in reminding you of your worst aggressions. You spoke to me with the force of all your savage instincts. You threatened me in a shameful and disgraceful way at the Lagartos Club, right at the entrance, in the parking patio. Remember?  That day when you lost your composure, I asked you why you were mentioned in several press articles. Those press articles were questioning your participation in the Panama Papers Scandal of 2015. What was that attitude all about? A personal attack against me?  I had done nothing to you. I believe it was a traitor attack of your own conscience.

Tell me Frank; why so many lies? Could it be that you all are taking a self-help class from some sort of Chavista book? Let’s talk clearly about what I know with a great deal of certainty. I know it because I lived it in my own skin and I also investigated it for years so that I could understand it better. You go ahead and tell it to the Colombian people—loud and clear, like you like to talk—about the appropriation of our patrimony and our lives which happened in such settle and silent way. I want to have closure from this mess once and for all. No more psychological and physical abuse.

What is this entanglement all about, this of the international companies? These companies opened by the Boliburgueses of PDVSA. Do we (my children & I) has  to do with this? I do not recognize any act or process made by John William Pearl, any process or act that is verifiable. There is a poor justification where a Colombian passport with the seal of a Colombian notary, not of an immigration official was used. This is very peculiar; I have never seen something like this. Could his name have been used without his knowledge?

Registration in the Panama Papers (Search by countries) in which mysteriously nine companies appear in Hong Kong, in the name of Jhon William Pearl Gonzalez, some of them are still active.

Connections with Global Securities

Frank, tell us about your relationship with Global Securities. Why does William have stocks in portfolios belonging to Global Securities?  This company has been frozen and vetoed. Let me make myself clear: Global Securities is the company which was the property of Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Freri. This man declared guilty for managing falsified funds and illegal money—during the looting of the Venezuelan petroleum company PDVSA—was convicted in a court in Florida, United States.

While conducting my investigation, I asked here and there about questions which I had. In the building of the prosecutors of the State of Florida, I met with the prosecutor of the case of Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri. I reserve mentioning his name for reasons of juridical and formal instances. He looked at my eyes directly and firmly and asked: “Are you the sister-in-law of Frank Pearl Gonzalez?” What is the meaning of his question? Don’t tell me that was a coincidence—I don’t believe in coincidences.

Let’s talk about Gusty

Gusty, that’s how we referred to Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri—the friend, university poet, the one with whom we had fun every weekend—when we spoke about him. He invited us to his wedding. You and a bunch of his friends went to a very ostentatious wedding in Brazil. The king of all weddings, a wedding which you only have the pleasure of attending once in a lifetime. He got married with Olimpia de Castro. That lady, I never met.

Do not tell me that neither you nor your joined-at-the-hip type friend, Luis Guillermo Velez, never heard of Gusty nor of Olimpia? Just like you did with Thomas Jaramillo and Mary Luz Ruano? Those who only who were only known my lifelong friends. You and I know all of them worked with common interests in the interchange of stocks. Am I remembering things wrong? I remind you, I am talking about your great friend, Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri, the ‘famous friend’ of yours, which, according to the American Diary on July 29 0f 2018, was recognized as “The Famous Colombian Millionaire”; extradited from Sicily, Italy to the United States of  America as a part of the Boligugurses  plan, that laundered about $1,2 billion dollars through international transactions. Now he has been declared guilty of the crime and has been given a ten-year sentence in the United States. I wonder… has he adjusted to the American justice system?

A whole enterprise under the name of John William Pearl.

I am overwhelmed. We did not have the kind of funds needed to open up 1,140 companies. Either did the new register for some of those companies in Panama through Mossack Fonseca. I have no knowledge about the transfer from the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean  of these companies in Hong Kong, Samoa, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, England, Canada, and Switzerland, among some.

Active company, opened in Switzerland that appears in the records of the investigation of the Panama Papers in the name of John William Pearl Gonzalez.
Active company, opened in the British Virgin Islands and later transferred to the United Arab Emirates, which appears in the records of the Panama Papers investigation on behalf of John William Pearl Gonzalez.

What does my ex-husband William have to do with all this mess, when he has never even been in any of these countries? I do not believe of the existence of doppelgangers to John William Pearl all over the place. It is even more outrageous to doubt the quality of the work which a group of Washington investigative journalists put together in the Panama Papers. The information regarding John Willian Pearl, as I see it, is very incredible. I do know this story does not sit well with me. I do not believe you. I do not trust you. That is why I investigated all of this mess. I was very curious as to why the name of my ex-husband appeared in the public register in Panama, and that his identifying documents could be verified by an accountant with eighty (80) active companies. Are those companies in existence, or is it a figment of the imagination on behalf of the certified public accountant?

Is there is not a connection with Global Securities? Let’s talk a lot clearer. In 2015, after verifying the embargo of stocks in the name of John William Pearl, the embargo made in these Colombian companies was reported in my lawsuit filing for divorce. Maria Helena Hernandez, Gusty’s sister, the legal representative for Global Securities reported and responded to the judge with the existence of the collective portfolio of Global Securities in the name of John William Pearl. This file remains in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin, Colombia as of 2014. Which social capital are companies establishing in the British Virgin Islands? What happened, Frank? What happened with this mixed information?

Global Securities Chamber of Commerce of 2014, opened in Medellin, where it says that the company has a domicile in the English-Caribbean Virgin Islands. Taken from the Family Court of Funza (Cund) in the divorce process (0075-15) of William Pearl Gonzalez (defendant) and Maria Constanza Castellanos (plaintiff).
Global Securities’ response to the embargo on the actions of William Pearl, signed by Maria Elena Hernandez, sister of Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez Frieri, which would demonstrate the links between the Pearl and the confessed dollar launderer.

Frank, tell us about the opening of the account on Helm Bank Colombia, today known as Bank of Itau; the one that you opened in the named of John William Pearl Gonzalez. The account you opened in order to help your close and bankrupt friend, whose name I rather not even mention. What does that account, and its funds have to do with this mess of Global Securities and the interchange?   Why is it that the collective portfolio of Global Securities belonging to William all of the sudden appears to be joined with the name of your bankrupt, great and close friend?

The cognitive disability of William Pearl

I do not understand how a bank opens an account in the name of your close friend, your bankrupt friend (you know who I am talking about) and in the name of John William Pearl, the main holder of the account. A regular bank account in Helm Bank Colombia, today know as Bank of Itau. This bank account was opened February of 2013. The main Holder on the account was a person who had been declared to suffer from a cognitive disability. I am referring to John William. The same bank that in 2009 accepted such disability. The same bank that in 2009 took the insurance payment from a disability policy we had with Liberty Insurance Company to pay off a small mortgage on our family home. That bank that then freed us from the debt on our family home from their credit department; today know as leasing Itau.

Document filed in the Court of Funza, in the divorce lawsuit with Maria Castellanos, by the same lawyer of Jhon William Pearl in which they maintain that he is disabled and cannot pay food. Curiously, the entity to which it is sent is Banco Itau. How could Pearl create and sign that skein of international companies being disabled?

Don’t you think there is a lack of clarity on dates and procedures? I think so. I remember. The amount we took for this mortgage with the credit department at Helm Bank Colombia, today known as Bank of Itau’s leasing department; it was an amount you recommended us to take on credit from this bank back when we first took this debt on our family home.

The Bank of Itau has taken my property for twelve (12) years.

Furthermore, today, you are seeking negotiations with me regarding the same family home which bank debt was totally paid off by the Insurance policy with Liberty Insurance company and the child support for my children as well. You are quite unbalanced, don’t you think? As I remember well, seventy percent (70%) of my family home was a gift from my father; Manuel Javier Castellanos Arellano in the year 2006, Do you remember? To this date you have no made transfer of that family home to my name. Regarding the small debt that was paid off to Helm Bank in 2009 by Liberty Insurance Company; I have no idea what my rights are at this point. You have failed to answer with any coherence to any of my many petitions imposed by me directly to you, to the directives at the Bank of Itau, or to the financial  superintendents at the Bank of Itau. This Bank of Itau has taken my family home for twelve years (my home & my children’s home with William). This is illegal. I am wondering who talks to who? Who gets all of this mess so mess up and why?

What about “ Interbolsa”?

Why did your close friend and the close friend of Luis Guillermo Velez place a law suit against me for injury and defamation; because I questioned the institutional irregularities that occurred with the opening of this bank account at Helm Bank, today Bank of Itau? This lawsuit was later blocked. Why did your close friend send the secretary of UVPA (Urdaneta, Velez, Pearl & Abdallah — the lobbying company) the instructions to open this bank account with a business description that said: “Bank Account CCA Interbolsa Credit” see note “Frank Pearl and Luis Velez relationship with Interbolsa”.

I have been asking myself since then? … Can you open an interceded company’s bank account in November of 2012, such as Interbolsa Company, with the Authorization of Luiz Guillermo Velez as the superintendent of this partnership?

Letter found in William Pearl’s E-Mail with instruction to open an account at Helm Bank in February 2013 on your behalf. The letter is addressed to Interbolsa, which paradoxically had been intervened in November 2012. Why that movement with a questioned signature?

The Party of Anapoima y Sabmiller

Frank; Let’s talk about something else. How did you know that your brother suffered with an ethylic intoxication at a social event? Where the only one that suffered from this type of intoxication was your brother. This happened at a social event where we celebrated the future matrimony of the ex-president Sabmiller.  Did you not have some sort of uncertainty regarding this happening to your brother? Did you not question it? I have had plenty of questions. Why did those people that you did not know all of the sudden became you close friends:? William was no longer invited to these sorts of social events.

Were you not the president of Valorem, who made the fusion with Bavaria and Sabmiller?

Juan Carlos Mira; the Ex-President of Asocana.

As the applied Book of Chavez, amnesia is needed to understand why Juan Carlos Mira now says he does not know you. Did Mira work as a lobbyist for Sabmiller? Furthermore, did he not work for UPVA for many years? Was it not William who refer to Mira with Juan Manuel Santos in his political career?

I do not understand why everyone has to lie. Mr. Mira tells “El Diario del Pais”, newspaper for the “Valle del Cauca”; He does not know you and he never helped you in getting the position with Asocana. I am very amazed by the sudden interest you all of you guys have for the “Valle del Cauca”—Why? Even now I have noticed that the company that helped you get to this position is Top Management. Is that company not the property of another one of your close friends on the forum of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO)?

Is it not the forum of Entrepreneur Organization, formed by all your close friends, all the people I have mentioned up to now? For one of the friends, I am choosing to omit his name. With whom I have negotiated as well my fateful and unfulfilled conjugal dissolution on November of 2018. Where clearly none of these companies reported any income either.

The shipping Company Rio Grande

Why is there the existence of a shipping company called “Rio Grande,” property of another one of your close friends that distributes the raw petroleum of Ecopetrol via the Magdalena River? What does that shipping company have to do with the stocks that Ecopetrol had on Global Securities? I do not know where I got lost that the fluvial transit in Colombia was reactivated. The last time I read about it was in the book “Love in Times of cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Frank, I am here with complete attention to receive your public responses. I want to know in which form of social media you would like to meet in order to discuss our issues. I want to end this telenovela of terror that now is worth a great ending. A bestseller. This time, perhaps, worth a Nobel Prize. Not like the one given to Santos. This one is going to be written by me. This one I will be the winner of; In the style of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

La Otra Cara
La Otra Cara

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